Dayna Gaut for District 4


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Our third graders are being diagnosed with test anxiety.

Overworked and Underpaid Teachers


Our teachers are quitting teaching within 3-5 years.



Our high school students are standing up while eating lunch.

We Need to do Better!

Student Wellbeing  


Our students need more resources for mental health.


  • 36,498 students are in District 4 as of February 2020 enrollment
  • 21,506 are Middle and High schoolers, we only have capacity for 18,259 students
  • Availability to discuss the Capital Outlay Plan
  • A simple motion, by a school board member, second and vote could move the opening date of the Horizon West Relief Schools to this fall. I will make that motion and work with the School Board to pass it.


  •  8 year olds are being diagnosed with Test Anxiety, it is time to reflect upon the obsession with standardized testing, and find a solution.


  • I believe state testing is not academically beneficial


  • Funds should be redirected, on both state and local levels
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas Bill provides state money for youth mental health first aid
    • OCPS hired 30 people using these funds (who work downtown)
  • We need more mental health professionals to teach, monitor, and work wtih students at the school level, not downtown.
  • I believe we should form partnerships with other agencies such as, the Victim Service Center for Crisis Intervention and Trauma Informed Care. 
  • I believe we need to establish peer groups in our middle and high schools to effectly address Bullying.


  • Teachers are not being given adequate resources but are still expected to meet certain expectations


  • Florida ranks 47th in the Nation for teacher salary, and are still paying for classroom supplies out of pocket.


  • Teachers are working 60 hours a week and paid for only 37.5 hours. Teachers are only paid for 39 weeks, that means 10 weeks of no pay in the summer.